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Transform the way you lead by looking through the lens of love. 

If you want to become the strong leader that your team can rely on, then it’s important to be intentional and possess a strong leadership philosophy — consistently overcome challenges, have an open mind, develop a healthy relationship with your team, and be their #1 supporter.

Let go of the rigid, emotionless, and disconnected leadership techniques that are often taught to us. Yes, those techniques may get you results, but they’ll never get you great results because your connection as a team doesn’t exist.

Learn from the personal experiences of award-winning learning and development leader, Renée Sanábria Lautermilch, as she shares valuable insights you can only discover after years and years of experience. 

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone to achieve more rewarding relationships and better business results.


RenÉe SanÁbria Lautermilch

Renée Sanábria Lautermilch is a highly accomplished learning and development leader with over 20 years of experience in various industries, including healthcare, fitness, and hospitality. She graduated with a Bachelor’s in Human Resources, then pursued an MBA, and MEd in Instructional Design.

Renée has put her knowledge to good use and has won several leadership awards. Currently, she is recognized as the Learning and Performance Institute’s 2022 Learning Leader of the Year, Silver winner. 

With so much experience under her belt, she decided to broaden her horizons and challenge herself by co-founding two businesses; myHearingU, an online school dedicated to the education and further development of the next generation of hearing healthcare providers, and Smart Shark, a highly sought after business integration consultancy specialized in helping clients turn their vision into reality.

In her bestselling book, Leading Through Love, Renee shares what she’s learned through the years in hopes of guiding other aspiring leaders onto the path to success. She knows that leadership can be a difficult topic, but with her smooth-flowing writing and life experiences, she hopes to inspire more people to achieve their full potential.

Renee Lautermilch - Headshot

The true sign of a leader is the ability to move people forward.

– Leading Through Love

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